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Backed by decades of expertise, Convention Staffing Solutions understands what it takes to support the ideal convention experience. We are a trusted resource for our partner-clients and they know they can count on exceptional customer service from our associates to create an unforgettable experience which positively reflects on their business.

Specialized Associates

When it comes to staffing events, one size does not fit all. The many details that go into a successful event require that associates be dedicated, organized and able to adapt to a variety of situations. Our database of hand-selected associates means you’ll discover associates with a multitude of skill sets and an excellent overall presentation.

Frequently Placed Positions

  • Administrative (Show, Sales, Conference, Press, Speaker Offices)
  • Badge Holder Pick-Up Support Personnel
  • Bag Stuffers
  • Booth Host/Hostess
  • Cashiers
  • Greeters/Line Monitor/Directionals
  • Information Clerks
  • Interpreters
  • Lead Retrieval Support Personnel
  • On-site Event Coordinators
  • Logistics/
Registration Managers
  • Registration Typists
  • Room Monitors
  • Runners
  • Stockers
  • Scanners
  • Ushers

Additional Solutions

In addition to the "Frequently Placed Positions" noted above, CSS offers a wider variety of support for your events’ staffing-related needs. For more information, see the Our Solutions page.

History of Expertise

Convention Staffing Solutions is an affiliate of The Eastridge Group of Staffing Companies. Founded in 1972 by Robert Svet, Eastridge is a privately-held staffing enterprise headquartered in San Diego with offices in multiple locations nationwide. With nearly four decades of expertise and experience in the staffing industry and 25,000 employee placements annually, Eastridge operates with a driving purpose to provide people with opportunities and enrichment through work.